Finetsa offerings

Finetsa has a comprehensive range of offerings that span from the campus to the corporate and is tailored to meet every need of the talent transformation lifecycle in the journey from campus to corporate. Our offerings are customisable to suit any requirements and ensure measurable results with sustenance by periodic interventions.

The offerings for corporates is Talent Management Consulting and Leadership Foundation and Technology Talent Transformation. Talent Management Consulting is aimed at SME IT businesses and delivers a practical and customized solution for SMEs to manage their talent pool in a better way. Leadership Foundation aims to target potential and new leads with leadership training so as to prepare them for the next level.Technology Talent Transformation partners with the technology groups in corporates to enhance the complete software development lifecycle operations and capability.

Campus offering, Transition to Corporate is aimed at partnering wth campuses and corporates to prepare students and freshers for the corporate world with workshops and specialised trainings

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