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Finetsa methodology is a based on a combination of the AUDS© framework, Leadership Foundation Engine, Talent Management Partnering Process, Finetsa training methodology, Finetsa Campus to Corporate Transition Approach.


Finetsa‘s AUDS© framework is a holistic approach to managing Finetsa offerings across Talent Management Consulting, Leadership Foundation and Transition to Corporate.

It drives our services methodology by focusing on every stage of Talent Transformation Life-cycle from Acquire, Upskilling, Deploying to Sustaining, ensuring full advantage for the campus student or the corporate employee.


The Leadership Foundation Engine works around the principle of creating a customised and effective leadership building framework for corporates.

Finetsa helps drive the process from strategy to outcomes to ensure that the training goals are achieved.

The training is sustained by interventions like observing the candidates over a period of time, mentoring, experience sharing and career counselling to ensure success.

This approach allows Finetsa to deliver highly effective trainings to transform individuals and change the way they think and behave.


The Finetsa Talent Management Partnering Process is a tool driven approach to help Small and Medium IT enterprises set up and institutionalise Competency framework for more effective talent management.

Finetsa will assess, define, build and implement the competency framework. Finetsa will help link the framework to other key functions like Recruitment, Learning and Development and HR functions like Performance Management and Resource Management.

Finetsa will monitor the functioning of the framework over a period of time to ensure effectiveness.


The Finetsa Training Methodology helps deliver all trainings with full involvement of all stakehoders at each stage of designing, building, delivering and sustaining of the training. This way every stakeholder has ownership and stake in the training ensuring success.

This approach allows Finetsa to deliver highly effective trainings to transform individuals and change the way they think and behave.

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Finetsa Knowledge Blocks span Technology, Domain and Soft Skills and are content that can be customised for specific trainings. These knowledge blocks are unique in that they are built using the experience of the founders in corporates, and contain what is not covered in campus or corporates in standard off the shelf trainings.

While campuses are knowledge based, Corporates require individuals who can be effective from day one. Finetsa‘s Campus to Corporate Transition approach helps bridge the corporate gap for freshers with industry relevent workshops and trainings that have a practitioners perspective and are tuned to corporate needs.

This approach helps corporates reduce their initial induction training and focus on relevant trainings that make the fresher billable faster.



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