Finetsa Corporate offerings

Corporate offerings:

Finetsa has a range of offerings that is tailored to meet every need of the talent transformation lifecycle in SME IT companies. Our offerings are customizable to suit the requirements and ensure measurable results with sustenance by periodic interventions.

Finetsa's offering for corporates are Leadership Fondation, Talent Management Consulting and Transition to Corporate.

Leadership Foundation:

Finetsa's flagship offering Leadership Foundation, provides corporates a comprehensive leadership building programme inhouse.


Leadership Foundation translates to two training programmes for leadership building: JumpStart and Accelerate.

JumpStart is aimed at senior engineers or first time leads and Accelerate at mid level leads and Project Managers.


Talent Management Consulting:

Finetsa Talent Transformation Consulting offers corporates Training, Mentoring, Consulting or Managed Services in Talent Management in Core Areas of Competency, Learning & Development, Career Management and Deployment & Retention.

Finetsa will help define and roll-out your Competency model, link the model to other key functions like Recruitment, Performance Management and Learning & Development.The Competecy map will form the basis of defining/upgrading the L&D programmes to ensure right levels of training, to Career Management with right fit for right role, perfrmance management etc. and to Deployment and Retention strategies ensuring higher ESAT.


Technology Talent Transformation:


Technology continues to change, taking quantum leaps and customers expect their vendors to support them in technology transformation. There is continued focus on process optimization with tools and technologies. Additionally, the SDLC is changing too, (with the popularity of Agile kind of models), the technical resource now have to have a holistic technology perspective and not be restricted to coding/testing.

Finetsa offers programs on Internet Of Things as one of the key future technologies that the industry needs to focus and grow on. Finetsa also offers consulting services and skilling programs covering the SDLC related technologies - Role based skills, Project Tech environment, Modelling Tools.

Transitioning to Corporate:

Transitioning to Corporate is aimed at Freshers in Corporates with Corporate Springboard.

Corporate Springboard is a set of workshops on Corporate Awareness, Industry and Business processes, Business Interactions and Life Skills which focused on preparing the freshers who are about to embark or have embarked on a career in IT with key aspects of corporate life.

The workshops cover key aspects of career preparedness, career planning, corporate skills and understanding how business works.

These workshops can be run as part of the induction programme for freshers.

Once training of the freshers are done, Finetsa will provide Mentoring, Career Councelling and other skill upgradation programmes for domain and technology.




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