Finetsa offerings

Campus offerings:

Transition to Corporate has two offerings, Corporate Springboard and Specialised Courses.

Corporate Springboard is an offering that spans from the campus to the corporate and is tailored to meet every need of the fresher talent transformation lifecycle in the journey from campus to corporate. Our offerings are customizable to suit the requirements and ensure measurable results with sustenance by periodic interventions. These workshops are built in such a way that they can be run at the campus for students or for freshers at corporates.

Specialised courses are technical courses on industry relevant technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) is one such flagship course that can be embedded into the course curriculum helping students understand how technologies are applied in real life situations.


Corporate Springboard is a set of workshops on Corporate Awareness, Industry and Business processes, Business Interactions and Life Skills which focusses on preparing the freshers who are about to embark or have embarked on a career in IT with key aspects of corporate life.

The workshops cover key aspects of career preparedness, career planning, corporate skill and understanding how business works.


Internet of Things (IoT) course stitches together relevant topics from the four engineering disciplines to bring the end-to-end flavor of IoT.

The IoT course is not tied to any particular platform or brand a key requirement when the IoT technology is still evolving. The course provides hands-on experience and is backed by industry stalwarts in Embedded Systems, IoT and IT.



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