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Finetsa provides end-to-end services in Talent Acquisition and Transformation that ensures real value to Corporates and Campuses.

Finetsa believes that every Corporate needs a customised talent transformation solution - one size does not fit all. Orientation of resources towards Business goals and Client business is a must. Every intervention must lead towards higher ESAT & CSAT.

The journey of learning starts at the Campus and goes all the way into corporate life. Finetsa is a long-term mentor and enabler in this journey.

Finetsa aims to partner with campuses in enabling students to acquire well rounded skills covering Technology, Leadership, Domain and Soft-Skills that will help them adjust to corporate life faster and help corporates get the best out of them from day one.


Finetsa has set out in the right direction, with the right vision and the backing of their Corporate experience. We need freshers who are productive day one, they need to undergo all-round skilling to be able to do that.

Vice Chairman of a Product Engineering company


Launching a new exciting course on Internet of Things (IoT) for campuses. See details in the offerings page.

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